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Black History Month at the PMA

Mixed media portrait of photographs laid on top of a painting.

The Place of Storms, 2023, by Nazeer Sabree (Courtesy of Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia)

In Philadelphia, Black art is like Black life – it has no boundaries. This year for Black History Month we’re paying homage to the legacy and richness of Black art and culture in our great city with a special emphasis on centering joy and community. Check out our full roster of programs and events below.

Featured Artist:

Nazeer Sabree is a Philadelphia-based Black artist who blends traditional techniques with contemporary elements in their work. Sabree creates thought-provoking figurative paintings and collages focused on manhood and boyhood and the pursuit of healing. Sabree was inspired from a young age by the rich artistic heritage of Philadelphia and the vibrant cultural scene surrounding it, and has developed a style that reflects his experiences growing up in the city. Grounded in traditional art techniques, Sabree has developed a unique style that seamlessly blends classical elements with contemporary ideas, whether a portrait or an abstract composition.